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Director Distribution Lab Products

OTH01005JMundelein, Illinois

Job Description

  • Oversee the distribution of restricted storage classes – Refrigerated Product, Hazmat, Lab, Research and other inventory identified for special handling.


  • Ensure order fulfillment is completed to customer specification. Work with vendors on special packaging/shipping requirements. Plan, lead and measure all daily processes.
  • Plan and lead the training necessary to execute the processing and shipping of restricted storage classes based on branch and volume.
  • Liaison as the primary point person with all local, state, and federal agencies as necessary involved with regulating the storage and shipping of restricted storage class materials.
  • Ensure an efficient process for receiving and returning restricted storage class inventory/product. Manage expenses associated with distributing these items.
  • Support contract negotiations for this class of inventory and the overall distribution process.
  • Provide timely reporting on delivery times, service failures and customer concerns. Visit key accounts and locations.
  • Ensure safe practices are in place and are followed specific to these restricted classes. Observe and monitor work teams adherence to defined SOP’s and ensure housekeeping guidelines are followed.
  • Meet with the product divisions and product managers regularly to ensure a consistent flow of communications on all aspects of distribution of these classes of inventory.
  • Develop metrics and compliance objectives that are clearly defined and incorporated into SOP’s for team supporting this business.
  • Assist in developing new packaging, storage, and shipping strategies to decrease overall operational cost while maintaining service and efficiency.

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Logistics, transportation management or similar degree. High School diploma or equivalent and at least 15 years’ experience in warehousing/distribution. 

Relevant Work Experience
  • At least 10 years of experience in managing and distributing restricted/specialty classes of inventory. Laboratory products, Hazmat, refrigerated products.