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Operations Engineer Co-Op

ENG010085Northfield, Illinois

Job Description

Job Description

Participate as part of our Operations Engineering team.  This role will focus around driving improvement and cost savings in Medline’s Distribution Centers.  You will learn about Warehouse Management Systems, Labor Management Systems, and warehouse processes during the duration of this program.

  • Work on projects that will drive cost savings and perform ROI analysis to determine payback
  • Determine, develop, recommend, and implement solutions for projects after performing engineering analyses inclusive of hypotheses validation
  • Develop understanding of warehouse management systems and labor management systems and make recommendations to improve systems based on findings
  • Perform data analysis and make recommendations on how to optimally slot Distribution Centers across the country
  • Participate in a Kaizen Event with Medline’s Operations Excellence team to improve distribution center processes
  • Perform and deploy work measurement techniques including time and motion studies
  • Participate in Distribution Center Support and make recommendations for how to improve/optimize

Job Qualifications

Job Qualifications
  • Pursing undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Preferred Qualifications
  • Proficiency in SQL and Microsoft Access